Let’s get to know each other.

xin chào

/seen chow/ (Vietnamese): Hello


I’m Linh (you say it like ling), a visual artist & graphic designer from Vung Tau, Vietnam. I am an open-minded person who is always eager to know new things & one way to learn is to throw myself out there. Although I am currently based in Swansea, UK, I am keen to move to wherever an opportunity might take me.

With a passion for functionality and minimalism, I am motivated to design work that communicates with its audience beautifully, simply and effectively. I am in love with print and all things tactile, I have a habit of smelling a book pages and I like to trace the paper edges when I’m reading (this has resulted in a surprisingly small number of paper cut incidents.)

I am also into analogue, time-consuming, painstaking stuff, like film photography or letterpress printing. I think that the hands-on aspect and the techniques involved in these methods are needed in such a fast-paced, convenience-obsessed time of society.